“Not being the sort to throw a book, she pounded her fist on her cushion.” Ellen Kushner from The Privilege of the Sword

icy-treesNot usually one to mock another’s pain, I witnessed something today that I feel the need to share with others. I will get to that in a moment but I first have to describe the events leading up to ” the incident” as I will call it.

I have recently discovered Bookmooch.com. It is  a great idea. Here is how it works. You list books on the site that you own that you don’t want anymore. You get points for doing so. People ask for your books. You get points for sending them. You then use your points to ask for books from other people. Yes, you have to pay for shipping but media mail for a  hardback is less than $3. When is the last time you bought a book for less than $3? (and no the annual library sale does not count!!)

So, anyway….I have requested about 30 books and they have been flowing in like the most wonderful literary honey via my mailbox. This is where I come to “the incident”.

Today, it was rather slippery and cold outside. It was the first icy day we have had in quite a while so it is understandable that some people might have a harder time getting their bearings. My friendly neighborhood mailman walk up onto my porch, deposited my mail in the box and then walked away. I could see him through the blinds in the front room and was disappointed to see that he wasn’t carrying any books with him.

A few minutes later, after going and getting his little mail van, he came back and parked in front of my house. He then got out with a big pile of books and proceeded to walk briskly up my front walkway. He lost his footing on the slippery sidewalk and fell down with a loud thud. I stood up to see if he was ok. I was wondering if I should go outside and check on him when he stood up, picked up my pile of books and flung them at my front door where they landed with a loud THUNK!   I then decided it would probably be wiser to stay inside than to go out and try to talk to him.

I feel like I should make the poor guy some cookies or something. After all, he is the last and most interagal part of the very long chain that helps to support my voracious book habit.

I wasn’t going to blog about it, but then Kenci gave me the perfect quote for the title so…I had to.

For those of you that are worried….the books were fine. 😉


2 thoughts on ““Not being the sort to throw a book, she pounded her fist on her cushion.” Ellen Kushner from The Privilege of the Sword

  1. I don’t know if cookies are necessary, but you could leave him a nice note in the mailbox or something…just don’t mention that you saw him throw the books. I don’t think that would make me very happy 🙂 Glad everything turned out OK and that no books were harmed in the flinging.

  2. Lol you read my mind. I wanted to ask about the condition of the books but didn’t want to seem coldhearted. ;o)

    I’m glad one of us finally had occasion to use that quote! I love it! Not the falling down of the mailman of course…

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